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At McGarrys we love to hear from our clients and how they enjoyed the experience…

What they had to say about us!

When asked what they would say to another bride about McGarry Wedding Flowers and Venue Stylists and what we were able to do for you, the replies speak for themselves.

Our Scottish bride said “If you want a professional service and not have any worries about how your flowers will look, then this is the place to go. It was a thrill from start to finish.” Having a bride say that our service was a thrill from start to finish gave us a sense of achievement as we were able to take some of the stress away from the busy planning and allowed her to enjoy the process.

Distance is no object!

This bride had the difficult task of organising her wedding from across the waters in Scotland, which we can only imagine was no walk in the park! With this being said, our bride was unsure of most of the suppliers needed to make her wedding day happen, therefore it was important that we were able to communicate effectively in order for the bride the put her complete trust in us.


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