Our Story

Our story actually starts over 20 years ago. Having started out as a hobby at a night time flower arranging class I was asked to do the Church flowers in my local village as the lady who had routinely done them had retired from the job. I jumped at the chance to do this (although very nervous)

After a few weeks I was approached by a local lady asking me to do bouquets for her daughters wedding….. of course I said yes and instantly regretted it. I had never done a wedding before in my life..what was I going to do?!?! I was barely fit to sleep in the weeks leading up to the wedding worrying if I was able to do the job well and up to standard..

Finally the big day came around and as I delivered the flowers to my first ever bride I got the biggest smile and hug from her.. I guess I done ok! From this wedding I booked 4 more and that was that.

I still get the buzz from a wedding to this very day and I am very lucky to call this my job!

Bernie x