Intimate Weddings - A Blessing In Disguise

COVID-19 has brought changes to every part of life worldwide. The traditional, large, Irish wedding had to take a backseat to smaller intimate nuptuals in line with Coronavirus restricitons. But…. are intimate weddings here to stay?


In the past few months, we have seen a significant increase in enquiries for alternative weddings. At private homes, garages, community halls, beaches and many more obscure places. Couples seem to be jumping at the opportunity to have the small, intimate wedding they may have always wanted, but perhaps felt the pressure to have a traditional wedding.


Before and after at a residental garage

As couples opt for this type of wedding, is the hotel reception a thing of the past? In short…. we don’t think so but we do foresee an increase in confidence to break the mold and tradition as Coronavirus continues to make couples think outside the box.

So, what are the benefits of having an intimate wedding?

With an intimate wedding, you and your significant other are central to the day. Your wedding day should be about celebrating you both and your relationship, but sometimes big traditional weddings don’t allow that. With a larger wedding, the bride and groom are running around, trying to talk to all of their guests, ensuring everything is running smoothly and that their guests are enjoying the day. Speaking to some of the couples who have married since the beginning of the pandemic, each and every one have spoke about how wonderful their ‘lockdown wedding’ experience was. So, if you had the choice would it be small, intimate day or big elaborate wedding?

But, how do we make your intimate wedding extra special?

With a smaller guest list, this opens the budget to other areas of your wedding…. including wedding flowers, ceremony and venue styling. That’s where we come in! We have seen a continuing trend of people opting for more elaborate flowers and adding exquisite finishing touches such as gold charger plates, individual foliage sprigs and luxury table linens for their intimate reception to give their select few guests an extra special experience.

gold charger plates

Intimate ‘Lockdown Wedding’ at The Merchant Hotel, Belfast

So, is an intimate, alternative wedding for you?




Let us know your thoughts and if you would like to get in touch regarding your big day, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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