Catherines City Celebration 1

Catherines City Celebration

Catherines City Celebration

There is nothing better than the buzz of a city wedding with passers by, tourists and the taffic zooming past. Catherine made her vows in Belfast at St.Patircks Church on Donegal street.

A quick journey up the motorway from Fermanagh, just over an hour later we where setting up what was a very large Church.




As you can she had a long walk to her husband to be, from the outset Catherine wanted to keep everything classy and the roseball stands suited her style perfectly.

The start of the aisle had to be as impressive as the aisle itself so the cherry blossom arch worked perfectly with the rest of her decor.


The bouquet

Catheirne brought the classy theme right through to her bouquets and wanted an oversized bouquet that would work with her stunning dress. Hydrangeas where the obvious choice having large heads and full blooms.




Top tip!

It is important to kmow what works best with your the space you are using to get married. Catheirne had a large aisle and altar area so she knew she could use the rose ball stands on her aisle. Large areas at the front of a Church need to made the most of. If you have a smaller aisle than usual then opt for pewends.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!

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